What is Hatcoach?

Hatcoach is an online Manager Assistant for Hattrick.org. You could and much more....


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Amazon ;-)

Latest Changes


Login via OAuth

From now on, Login is ONLY possible using OAuth. Hattrick has announced the change months ago, and now it's implemented in Hatcoach. Click on the OAuth icon for more information.

Merry Christmas in Burkina Faso

Many thanks to all Supporters of Hatcoach! You all make the world a better place! After 250 € for a childrens hospice around easter, we have now donated another 150 € for Burkina Faso (see here). Thanks to all of you, and a merry christmas and happy new year!!

New charts available

New charts are available for all users of Hatcoach. They show an overview of your league ranks, cup rounds and number of won / drawn / lost league matches. See http://dorfjugend.hatcoach.org/ for example.

World Champion-ish!

Next to german and dutch, Hatcoach is now also available in the language of the new FIFA World Champion 2010!! Thanks to Conde Patula from argentinian Ojotas Clú Sosial for his great support!!

Swedish Hatcoach

Woho, the next language is available now: Swedish! It's translated by Izozimo from Rivercastle FC. Many thanks for your support!!

Romanian Translation

After some months of no new languages, Hatcoach is now available also in romanian language. Many thanks to Danutz1703 from FCB Inferno for his work!!

Win free licenses

Win your free Hatcoach license with World Cup 2010! Just be one of the best in betting on Worldcup 2010 in South Africa and get a free 1 year license for Hatcoach. Just register at Kicktipp and place your bets. Ah, of course it's free!

Hatcoach on Facebook

Facebook Good news for all of you with a Facebook-Account: Hatcoach is now available on Facebook!! Just go to http://apps.facebook.com/hatcoach and log in with your Security Code. See the webvideo for all the details.

Import Player Images

Now you could import your player images from Hattrick also into Hatcoach. In the Wiki you will find all the details including a webvideo for the details.

Ciao Hatcoach!

Another language is now available: Italian! Many thanks to Gianvito from Crack SFC for his support!!

Show your ranking with badges

Now you could show your current team status (last match, stars, current ranking etc.) everywhere. Just add your badge to your page, e.g. as a Hattrick.org logo, as a signature in any forum etc. See the demo for examples and instructions.

On a new server!

You might have noticed that from time to time the Homepage was unreachable because the server was a bit undersized. Last week Hatcoach moved to a new virtual server with 2 GB RAM (previously 1 GB) and 60 GB Harddisk (Raid 10)

Graphics by Thorge-Schossen

See the new wonderful logo? It's made by Thorge-Schossen, manager of Traktor Nille! Many thanks to him for the great logo! We are looking forward to get some more professional graphics soon.

Hatcoach on Turkish

Today we release another excellent translation of Hatcoach. Many thanks to Serkan Kulaksiz from team 'Estranged' for spending time to create a turkish version!!

Integration of Hattrick YouthClub

One of the most requested feature was the support of youth academy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are happy to corporate with Hattrick-YouthClub.org. Most Youth coaches already know this website, and now the data could be downloaded from there into your Hatcoach.

Bonjour Hatcoach!

Last week the dutch version version has been released, and today I’m happy to announce the new french version! Many thanks to caloubugs from team RC VillKirchStras for his great work!

Dutch Language in Hatcoach

Next to german and english, Hatcoach is now also available in Dutch Language. Many thanks to Michael de la Parra from Team knalluh for his great work! (By the way, the language is autodetected using your browser preferences)

Autolineup available

An often requested feature on first survey was the AutoLineup. So now it has been added. It’s available (as expected) on the Lineup Assistant Tab. More information are available in the wiki.

Transfer Comparison available

Find your most efficient transfers easily. Click on the ‘Transfer History’ Tab on your team squad page. More information are available in the Wiki.

Pricing changed

Dear all, for some months Hatcoach is available for everyone. Even though not announced in Hatcoach Global, there are already more than 1500 users who logged in at Hatcoach. Unfortunately we have to charge a small fee for using Hatcoach now, as the database is growing much faster than expected. See Wiki for details.

Rating Prediction available

The Lineup helper now also shows a rating prediction. It is based on Flattermanns great work. Many thanks to him for his stats and support!!

See you in Herne!

Very likely we will be in Herne on the german hattrick manager summer festival 2009. Hope everything is running fine so far and I don’t get too many complaints there….